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Information literacy education

Information Literacy is taught by Information Specialist in all faculties at the University of Twente, often as part of the Academic Skills or Professional Skills curriculum. The subject focusses on the ability to recognize when information is needed and on the ability to locate, evaluate and use the needed information effectively and responsibly.     

  • Introduction to Information Literacy

    There are many ways to describe the field and to define skills that belong to it. The truly information literate person always seeks for various sources, so don't hesitate to look op the term 'Information Literacy' yourself and see which definitions and skill sets you come across! The video below comprehensibly breaks down Information Literacy five sections, to introduce you to the most essential skills:

  • Information Literacy in Bachelor Programmes

    Information Literacy is taught in all Bachelor programmes. As study pogrammes touch upon different subject fields and are organized in different ways the Information Literacy lectures and assignment differ per faculty and study programme. The goal always is the same though: to teach the students to recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate and use the needed information effectively.  

    The Information Specialists of each faculty strive to blend in their education as well as possible with the courses, projects and assignments in the modules, to help the students work on them with a conscious, critical mindset.

  • Information Literacy in (Pre-)Master Programmes

    Information Literacy is taught in a number of Master an Pre-Master programmes. Education on Information Literacy in the Master programmes is limited to the ITC faculty. As students following a Pre-Master programme have different backgrounds they have not always enjoyed courses on Information Literacy. To make sure they are well prepared for their Master programme, the goal is to teach them to recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate and use the needed information effectively.

  • Information Literacy Microlectures

    These are three series of microlectures by Information Specialists from the Faculty of Behavioral, Management and Social sciences (BMS) at the University of Twente. They are used in Information Literacy education, and address topics ranging from academic databases and adapting a search string to plagiarism and peer-review. Here you’ll find the first microlecture about Scientific information. For the other lectures, follow the links below. We advise you to watch them in chronological order.

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