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library as a living lab

The Library aims to provide a welcoming study landscape for all UT students. The unique approach of the UT Library is by involving students to take on the challenge of cocreating the Library. This concept of the Library as a Living Lab provides students with the opportunity to not only give their ideas but be the ones responsible for realization of improvements in the Library. Are you interested in co-creating this exciting environment with your fellow students? Contact the Library staff (library@utwente.nl) with your ideas.

  • Mission Library as a Living Lab
    • Introduce the library as an innovative space for experiments and research
    • Create a study environment based on the ideas and needs of the users
    • Develop communication tools for the library together with students
    • Offer a place to put Challenge Based Learning into practice
  • Current Projects
    • Follow up Winter Kick-In suggestions, such as an Emotion Room
    • Snooze project on sleeping pods/sleeping area, with University Innovation Fellows
    • SMART Library with DSI (Digital Society Institute)
  • What we achieved
    • Concept for Design and communication for Library as a Living Lab projects by IDE students
    • IDE student designed the coffee corner on the 2nd floor of the Vrijhof.
    • Students created the Green Library corner and started the ‘Adopt a plant’ project in the library.
    • Healthy ergonomic equipment pilot and posture awarenness campaign realized by Honours Programme students.
    • Sustainable Book Stack for pick up and book exchange designed by a creative IDE student.
    • Well-received activities during the UT Well-Being Weeks together with the Student Union.
    • Meet & Greet Community Board organized by University Innovation Fellows.
    • Advice on Student Involvement in the Library by the Student Involvement Consultants.
    • Introduction of a Well Being & Inclusion project room, with Th!nkwithPride and support from the Inclusion Fund.
    • With student feedback on getting yourself into a relaxing and focus mood, the Mindfulness started in 2022 as a pilot in the Library. This one-person pod gives UT students and staff the opportunity for a moment of silence, focus, awareness, or relaxation.


student well-being

Students study for long hours in the University Library, so it important they feel comfortable while doing so. The library facilitates a pleasant learning space that contributes to the well-being of students. On top, a variety of well-being activities for a healthy and happy student life is offered. The new well-being activities and events in the library will be announced on this page. For ideas and suggestions, please send an email to library@utwente.nl or contact the library staff at the Library Service Desk.


  • Visit Maintenance and Failure (intranet access only) for current and planned status of all service departments at the UT.

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