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As a researcher or student, in many cases you can't rely on academic literature solely. Below three important databases are highlighted. Patents that describe certain technologies can be a valuable source of information in engineering projects. Norms and standards that apply to geographical regions have to be taken into account for innovations to succeed in the real world. Indexed news, business and legal sources can put the topics researchers and students are working on in a different perspective, leading to new ideas or collaborations. For an overview of databases with academic and non-academic literature, consult Databases A-Z. For an overview of databases per subject field go to Guides per discipline.   

  • Espacenet (patents)

    Espacenet (direct access) is patent database, provided by the European Patent Office (EPO). It contains data on more than 120 million patent documents from around the world. Supporting information can help you understand whether a patent has been granted and if it is still in force.  

  • NEN Connect (norms & standards)

    NEN Connect (direct access) provides access to the Dutch, European and international norms (only those adapted in the Netherlands). It contains standards about an extremely broad range of subjects and can be used for research purposes as well as educational purposes. If you login to NEN Connect for the first time, click on 'Inloggen met SURFconext' at the bottom of the login section.  

  • Nexis Uni (news articles)

    Nexis Uni (direct access) provides access to articles from Dutch and international newspapers and newsmagazines. It also provides access to professional and financial publications.

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