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Deployment of students (UT-FLex)

The following page is going to explain how you can open a new job in UT-FLEX, how you can link students to a job and how you can approve the hours worked by a student via the Approval Portal. We will provide you with useful links to applications, further background information, manuals and an overview of all administrative actions. This gives you an insight into the steps that you, as an executive, must take in order to have a student work for you. The HR department carries out administrative actions (back office).  

  • 1. New Job

    You can open a new job via the application UT FLEX, as well as indicating the type of job and filling in the job details (e.g. job/task description and period).  

    Do you want a student from a Non-European country to work for you? That’s possible! However, the student has to be in possession of a valid work permit (TWV). You can find all information regarding this matter in the document
    UT FLEX student NON-EU. 

    Overview of the process new job. 

  • 2. Link student to job

    After you have finished opening a new job in UT FLEX  you are able to select and link students to a job. Afterwards, a notification is automatically sent to HR and they are going to process your request. 

    Overview of the process ‘link student to a job’.   

  • 3. Review and approve hours worked by the student

    The student is able to declare every month all the hours worked. It is important to approve the declared hours before the 10th of every month via the Approval Portal.  The student then receives a salary in the same month.

    Overview of the process ‘review and approve worked hours of a job.   


Please contact the Service Desk HR for any further questions. Tel 053 489 8011.

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