Support of project archiving 2nd and 3rd income stream


In collaboration with other LISA product groups, Archive provides support to an owner of a "Project Archive-Portal" for archiving documents related to a research or education project.

The aim of a Project Archive-Portal is making documents and files that result from 2nd or 3rd income stream research projects or educational projects available from one location. The advantages of this are (among others): storage of documents and files in one place, version management of documents and files, no paper and digital work archives in multiple locations (cupboards, P drive, M drive, C drive, laptop, smartphone, etc.), everyone has access to the same information.

You can choose from various means of support:

a. Outsourcing all support to Archive
Archive, in collaboration with other groups within LISA, will build and maintain the website for your project as long as is necessary. LISA will be responsible for the entire management, maintenance and security of the “Project archive-portal” from inception to cancellation or possible permanent storage of (parts of) the “Project archive-portal”. The activities undertaken will be covered by a Service Level Agreement (SLA).  The amount to be charged will depend on the budget of the budget1. When necessary, we will process any existing backlog in archiving and include these in the “Project archive-portal”.

b. Outsourcing a part of the activities2 to Archive
In cooperation with the owner of the “Project archive-portal” we will set up a Service Level Agreement (SLA), mentioning the activities undertaken and the time required, including the costs. This will be done based on the actual hours worked3.

c. Fully responsible for all work
This includes: tracking the "project support portal" (e.g. authorization for project components) and inserting the necessary project documents. If you choose this option there are no costs involved. You are able to make use of the self-service helpdesk to answer questions. You will also receive a standard "Project archive- Portal".


For using this service, please contact Archive.

More contacts:

1 For the time being, the following scale will be used

Project budget

Support LISA - ARCH

Functional/ technical  support LISA

< € 100.000,--

12 hours p/yr.

4 hours p/yr.

€ 100.001,-- to € 500.000,--

24 hours p/yr.

8 hours p/yr.

€ 500.001,- to € 1.000.000,-

36 hours p/yr.

10 hours p/yr.

€ 1.000.001,-- to ?????

48 hours p/yr.

12 hours p/yr.

2The activities that fall under this include: creating a site, including subsites; providing standard equipment; granting access and rights for UT employees and researchers from outside the UT; collecting and registering documents and files; closing the “Project archive-portal” after completion; guaranteeing the legal retention period of the "Project archive-portal"; moving any permanently stored documents to JOIN.

3 The rate is € 43,-- an hour

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