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Working from home

Students and staff can find all the information they need about working from home during the corona crisis on this page. The corona crisis has impacted the entire UT community. We are doing everything we can to help. If you have any questions or suggestions for improvements, fill out the corona contact form or send an email to our central information point

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Working from home

Since the start of the corona pandemic, we have been working mostly from home. As your employer, your health and wellbeing are important to us. This means that, as your workspace is relocated to your home, we will continue to provide the necessary facilities to ensure you can do your job in as effective and healthy a manner as possible.

Whether you have a permanent, flexible or home workspace, it is important to ensure that it meets a number of requirements. For example, your posture and diversity are paramount. Visit for more information about this topic and to assess what additional facilities you still need. On this page, you can order the home office equipment you need from the basic package via LISA offers some support to help you set up your home office. This support is provided by LISA Location Support. This means you have to bring your PC to LISA Location Support. Your mental wellbeing also affects your overall health. On the wellbeing page, you can find more information on how to stay physically and mentally active.  

Safely working remotely

Many cybercriminals have used the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to find new victims. We ask you to be mindful of the security risks. Note that if you receive a message from the UT with a request to log in by clicking a link, this is phishing. To help us defend ourselves against such attempted cybercrime, we ask you to report any instances via email to the CERT-UT:

LISA is constantly working to keep our digital environment safe and secure. Even now that most people are working from home, it is important that all workspaces receive the latest security updates. LISA therefore asks everyone to follow these guidelines: 

  • Do not use public Wi-Fi networks.
  • At least once a week, establish a VPN connection to the UT network to retrieve the latest security updates. While the updates are being installed, a notification will be visible at the bottom of your screen. At times, you may be asked to restart your PC.
  • At least once per week, shut down your PC completely to allow any security updates from Microsoft itself to be retrieved and installed.
  • Furthermore, you should check at least once per month whether the Windows updates are being installed correctly. More information about how to do that can be found here.
  • If you do not use a UT-managed workspace, make sure to frequently check for and install the latest updates. For more information about how to establish a VPN connection and how to check for and verify security updates, consult the FAQ about working from home.

Using a VPN

You can use EDU VPN to establish a secure connection. Connecting via a VPN is not always necessary, e.g. when you:

  • Connect to UT applications remotely. This connection is always encrypted.
  • Access the M: and P: drives. You can also use these drives via webdrive. The manual explaining how to do this can be found here.
  • Use Microsoft software. These programs will also work without a VPN connection.
  • Use the digital environment of the library. We use EZproxy to grant you access to this environment.

Note that a VPN connection is required for various online services provided by the HR and Finance departments.

Staff FAQ 

  • Where can I go now that my activities as a self-employed person, on-call worker or UT flexworker are unavailable?

    We are sorry that the measures designed to curb the spread of the coronavirus have also affected your activities. If (some of) your activities are unavailable, the first thing you should do is discuss the situation with your client. Furthermore, the UT has drawn up a guideline because we understand how these circumstances may impact your financial situation. More information can be found on the HR page with temporary arrangements concerning the coronavirus.

  • Where can I order equipment (e.g. for online streaming or recording) to teach classes online from home or on campus?

    You can order the equipment you need for your home workspace, e.g. a headset and a webcam, via the LISA Self-Service portal. This equipment can be used for online education, either from home or on campus as a mobile solution. We ask that you bring this equipment and your own laptop with you to campus.

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