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Wearing face masks at the University of Twente

At the University of Twente, you are expected to wear a face mask when you walk around inside university buildings. Once you have taken a seat, you may remove your mask, but if you get up and move around, you must put it back on. This is a stricter version of the previous urgent recommendation to wear a face mask.

This applies in all interior areas in all UT buildings, both on campus and elsewhere.


  • The mandatory use of face masks is in addition to all other basic precautions; it does not replace the other measures. These include: maintaining proper social distancing, washing or disinfecting your hands regularly, coughing and sneezing into your elbow and staying at home if you have any symptoms.
  • Wearing a non-medical face mask is not a substitute for situations that call for or require a certified medical face mask or face shield.

The face mask rule applies not only at the university, but now also in other public buildings such as libraries, shops and train stations. Moreover, it applies to everyone aged 13 and over.

How to wear a face mask

A face mask should cover your nose, mouth and chin. Single-use face masks are widely available, as are washable types that can be reused. We would like to stress that you should not use medical face masks in situations that do not require them. Medical face masks are for clinical use, and supplies for this purpose must be protected.

The video below from the World Health Organization explains how you should be using a mask in daily life.

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