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Quarantine roadmap

If you arrive in the Netherlands from abroad, you may be faced with specific rules and regulations for COVID-19, that may require you to go into self-quarantine. Here, we have drafted the step-by-step process from arrival to the end of the quarantine period. 

1. Before arrival

Aeroplane taking off

If you wish to enter or return to the Netherlands, check these checklists before you travel. Self-quarantine for 10 days is mandatory if you travel/return to the Netherlands after staying in very high-risk countries. Fill out the quarantine declaration.

Check which rules and regulations apply for the country you arrived from

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2. Upon arrival


Travel to your quarantine address. You are allowed to use public transport to travel to your quarantine accommodation. Please note that using a mouth mask is mandatory in public transport.

If you do so, please try to avoid rush hour. Or you can arrange transport.

3. Self-quarantine


Go into self-quarantine. Shortly after your arrival at your quarantine address, you can be contacted by the authorities. They will call using the number +31 88 269 2949.

Self-quarantine rules:

  • Stay home and do not receive any guests.
  • Stay 1.5-m from other household members.
  • Wash your hands and sneeze and cough into your elbow.
  • Ask other people to do grocery shopping for you or order your groceries online.
  •  You may sit outside if you have a garden or balcony.

4. Shorten quarantine period

COVID-19 test

You might shorten the self-quarantine period if you get yourself tested on day five. To make an appointment you may call the GGD regional health services: +31 85 065 9063 or 0800 1202.

The test location in Enschede is on the UT-campus (Achterhorst 1, 7522 EA Enschede). There are also other test locations nearby.

5. End of quarantine

WalkingIf the result of the test (day five) is negative or you have not developed symptoms after 10 days, you can end your self-quarantine.

Need help? 

We are well aware that quarantine may have a huge impact, and that this can be a worrying time. If you need any help, visit the contact page to see who you may get in touch with. In case you are suffering from any wellbeing issues, do not hesitate to contact our colleagues from the Student Affairs, Coaching & Counselling Department.

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