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Notification form for COVID-19 cases

Sharing cases of COVID-19 may benefit the University of Twente, as it helps us in taking adequate measures in preventing the virus from spreading further. 

Team leaders and programme directors may use this form to inform the UT's Executive Board, the UT's safety & health advisors as well as the Faculty Board or Director of their service department about any known cases. 


As being tested positive on COVID-19 is considered personal medical information, privacy regulations (AVG) apply to this process. All cases are being treated confidentially. Employees and students are not required to inform UT about a positive COVID-19 test, though we do encourage to inform us as it will help in establishing our approach. 

Please note that for employees calling in sick to work because of COVID-19, the regular procedures for calling in sick still apply. Filling in this form is an additional and temporary feature.


Do not use this form

This form is for employees only. Please get in contact with your study adviser if you have been tested positive for COVID-19.

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Details of the case

For the questions below, please fill out the details for the first case known (when more cases have come up).

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