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Self-employed, student assistant or on-call worker and UT-flexers

The measures surrounding the Coronavirus can also have consequences for your work as a self-employed worker, on-call worker, student-assistant or student-caller ('UT-Flexer'). In some cases, the work can continue, but if not, your manager will contact you about your contract and payment. Because we understand that this may have consequences for your income, the UT has drawn up a guideline that also offers you financial support. 

We distinguish the following categories

  • Self-employed without personnel (ZZP'er)
  • On-call worker
  • Student-assistant and student-call worker (UT-Flex)


If you are still able to continue your work from home, it is important to make clear agreements about how you are accountable to your manager. If working from home is not possible, the UT will pay you the agreed hours, until 6 April.

For the period after 6 April: please look at the possibility if the work can be suspended or cancelled altogether. Check what has been contractually agreed, and discuss the next steps with your manager. 


Working from home is possible
If you have succeeded in continuing to work from home, it is important to make agreements with your client about how you can account for your hours. You continue to register your hours as you are used to. 

Working from home is NOTpossible
If you are unable to carry out your current work from home, please discuss whether there are other activities you can carry out at this moment. If there is no alternative work, you will no longer be called up. Calls that start in four days or later will be withdrawn. You will receive a written confirmation of this.

NOTICE that calls made from 15 March 2020 up to the present day and calls that start within 4 calendar days, will still be paid out by the UT. For this purpose it is important that you register the hours in the usual way.


Continuing work
If you manage to continue your work in the normal way, you can register the hours in the usual way. If not, check with your 'job owner' to see if there are alternative activities you can take up. You can also claim them in the usual way.

Work has ended
If the work has come to an end, and there is no alternative, the UT will still pay out the hours you would have worked under normal circumstances, up to and including 6 April.

Working hours not to be determined
If your working hours cannot be determined properly, consult with your ‘job owner’ about the hours to be declared. For example, the average of the hours in January and February can be used. It is also possible that you have made written agreements about the hours you would have worked, also over a period until after 6 April. The UT will then pay for those hours: submit a declaration to that effect.


We can imagine that this coronacrisis and the loss of work means that you have less income. It is good to know that the Education Executive Agency (DUO) is currently trying to achieve maximum coulance. Check the DUO website for more information. If you really run into financial problems, please contact your study advisor.

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