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If courses and training sessions are cancelled, participants, trainers and locations are informed.

The current situation can cause you to have extra space in your day or need some extra support in these challenging times. In both cases, the UT's online learning offer could provide support. Below is a brief overview of the possibilities (available in Dutch and English).


Good Habitz
Wide range of topics offered to you in a Netflix-like way. In addition to training courses aimed at further professionalisation, there are also training courses that might be appropriate at the moment. Eg. Mindfulness, Vitality, or Mental strength.

Future learn
Online learning platform with content from universities and other renowned knowledge institutions. The difference with GoodHabitz is that the training courses are generally more specific and substantive and require a greater investment of time. If you want, it is also possible to obtain a certificate.

Online testing
If you want to use this time to reflect on who you are, what your skills are and what you want in your work, the Career Development Centre offers 5 tests that can support this. For example, discover which talents you have or what your work values are so that you can apply this to your current work or use it to take the next step in your career.

Online coaching & consultations
If you feel the need to discuss your career or development (perhaps specifically at this time), you can do so. We are currently doing this through Teams. For an appointment, you can contact theĀ CDC.

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