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Covenant sustainable procurement Higher Education

On December 3 in 2008, minister Cramer and representatives of schools of applied sciences and universities, signed the covenant for sustainable procurement. The higher education institutions are now required to focus on sustainability: the goal is that all schools of applied sciences and universities is that 50% of all procurement is sustainable in 2012.

During the covenant, minister Cramer added: “Next to the for the sustainability requirements for procurement, I would like to ask you to take the wishes of SenterNovem regarding sustainability seriously.”

What is sustainable procurement?

Sustainable procurement is the procurement of sustainable development where social-economic, ecological en cultural aspects are in a dynamic balance. The result is that future generations will have the same chances as current generations to meet their needs. This is called the triple P approach: regulating a right relationship between People, Profit and Planet.

Why sustainable procurement?

The government supports the implementation of sustainable procurement via the Sustainable Procurement programme.

Goals are: be an example for others, achieve immediate environmental benefits, influence the market by creating a demand for less environmentally harmful products and services; influence the market by stimulating product innovation aimed at improving the environment.

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