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Purchase requests that are submitted via the web application FB Purchase Requests are by default routed to the budget holder (approver of purchase invoices) responsible for the OFI-number for approval.

However it is possible to change this route and set up de approval workflow to your liking. With the web application FB Mandates Purchase Requests, you can have the purchase requests routed to someone else (one or more persons).

Especially in the situations below, you will have to set mandates:

  • You and other people from your research group/department are authorized to submit a purchase request to the Procurement department.
    In this case you will have to set a mandate for each person who is authorized, including yourself.
  • You are not the person who gives approval for purchase requests. Someone else or other people from your research group/department has/have this authority.
    In this case you will have to set a mandate for each person who is authorized.
  • The approvers (budget holder and/or mandated persons) are on holiday or sick  
    Before you go on holiday, it is important to set mandates for the person(s) who is (are) authorized to approve purchase requests in your absence. You can set vacation rules in advance by using the field Datum van (= from this date).

You can set as many mandates as you like.

What if there are several approvers for one (or for a series of) OFI-number(s)?

  • The request for approval will simultaneously be sent to all approvers.
  • Once the purchase request is approved by one of the approvers, it will get the status “Approved”. The status of the purchase request is simultaneously updated so that the other approvers can see that the purchase request has already been approved.
  • If the requester uses the search function to fill in the OFI-number, he or she will see all the persons who are at this moment authorized to give approval.
  •  The name of the person who has approved the purchase request will appear on the purchase request form that is sent to the Procurement department.

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