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The order process is as follows.

1. Fill in a purchase request form (OTA form). Use one form for each supplier.


For standard products and services: go to the web application FB Purchase Requests. Click here for further information about this application.


For chemicals and gasses: use this form. Click here for further information about the order process for chemicals.

2. The Procurement department processes the purchase request form. This means that an authorized person within your faculty/service centre is asked to approve the order.

3. After approval, the order is placed at the supplier. Most likely the order is placed at a contracted supplier. It is also possible that the Procurement department places the order at a selected supplier.

You receive a copy of the order as a pdf-file when the order is placed. This document contains your order number (PO number), which is necessary for future contact with the Procurement department and for tracing your order (see step 5).

4. The Procurement department receives an order confirmation from the supplier.

You receive the order confirmation from the supplier or from the Procurement department. The order confirmation contains the estimated delivery date. If you have not received any order confirmation within a week, please contact the Procurement department (Operational Purchasing).

5. The supplier delivers the goods at ‘Centrale Ontvangst’ (Central Reception). The Logistics department is responsible for the distribution of the goods to the buildings.

As soon as the goods are delivered at the Central Reception, you can trace the order with CEGOON (CEntraal GOederen ONtvangst). You need the order number (the last 6 digits) to trace your delivery.

6. The caretakers of your building are responsible for the distribution of the goods within your building.

7. The invoice is sent to FIN (Financial Services), who takes care of the payment.

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