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Click on Nieuw mandaat (= new mandate).

A list of all the series of OFI-numbers for which you are responsible (budget holder) will be displayed.

First select the company (bedrijf nr). A new mandate form will appear:

Each form consists of 3 parts: Gemandateerde (= mandated person), Eigen projectnummer reeks (= your series of OFI-numbers) and Project details (= details of the project). Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk *.


You first have to specify the name of the person you want to authorize. To do this, click on the small arrow next to the empty field Zoek Gemandateerde (= search mandated person). A window with a search box will be displayed, where you can enter the name of the person. Then click on Search to display the results.

Click on the desired employee. The field Naam gemandateerde (= name of mandated person) will automatically be filled with the chosen employee.

 Eigen Project Nummer Reeks

You do not need to fill in any data in this part of the form. What you see next Geautoriseerd (= authorized) are the series of OFI-numbers you are responsible for (budget holder) and for which you can grant a mandate. If applicable, you will see next to Uitgezonderd (= except for) for which OFI-numbers you cannot give any mandate.

Project details

In this part only the fields Project van (= from project number) and Project tot en met (= to project number, inclusive) are mandatory.

Type the OFI-number or the series of OFI-numbers to which the mandate applies.

If you want you can fill in a minimum and maximum amount. Examples:


Type in the field Bedrag tot en met (= to the amount of) €500 if you want to authorize the person to give approval only for purchase requests below €500 for this series of OFI-numbers.


Type in the field Bedrag van €500 if you want to authorize the person to give approval only for purchase requests above €500 for this series of OFI-numbers.

You also have the possibility to specify a period of time when the mandate applies. Especially when you or the mandated person(s) is/are sick or going on holiday, you will have to fill in the fields Datum van (= from date) and/or Datum tot en met (= up to and inclusive date).


  • The web application FB Purchase Requests takes into account the amounts and start- and end-dates of the mandate when sending the requests for approval.
  • Minimum and maximum amounts apply to the OFI-number (or series of OFI-numbers) filled in and not to the mandated person.

Click on Wijzigingen opslaan in order to save the mandate.

Click on Annuleren (= cancel) if you do not want to save the mandate.

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