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The first time you log in you will not see any data. This is because you have not granted any mandate yet.

After you have granted one or more mandates, you will see a list of all the mandates each time you log in.

The following data are displayed for each mandated person:

  • Upnr: m-number of the person
  • Gemandateerde: name of the person
  • Bedrijf: faculty of service centre (company)
  • Project van (=from project number) and Project tot en met (=to project number, inclusive): project number of series of project numbers you are responsible for (budget holder) and to which the mandate applies.
  • Bedrag van: minimum amount (optional)
  • Bedrag tot en met: maximum amount (optional)
  • Datum van and Datum tot en met (optional): period of tie for which the mandate applies
  • Datum Mutatie: when the mandate has last been changed

The web application provides a search/filter function. You will find the search box above the list of mandates.

All data on the screen can be searched. For example, type the name of the mandated person if you want to view the mandates that you have given to this person. Click the button Go or press Enter in order to display the results.

Click on this icon if you want to remove a filter.

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