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Filling in a purchase request

From now on, place your order through Proactis

Procurement will stop handling purchase requests (OTA’s) as of 1 August 2021. This application can still be accessed as an archive until 1 January 2022. Make sure you save the documentation you still need somewhere else. From now on, go to to place an order. For more information on the usage of the P2P system, please visit

In order to fill in a new purchase request you have to go to My purchase requests and click on New purchase request.

A new purchase request form is displayed.

Each purchase request form consists of 6 parts: Requester, Contact person, Order, Cost allocation, Delivery and Information/explanation. The information and functions on the screen are explained below.



The name, faculty or service, telephone number, building and room of the requester are automatically filled in. However you can always edit the fields Faculty/Service, Telephone, Building and Room.

You can fill in your own reference in the field Own reference (optional). You can also enter a short description of the purchase request (max. 100 characters, spaces included) in the field Description (optional).

If you wish you can send a copy of the purchase request to other people (CC-function). You do that by specifying one or more email addresses in the field CC. Once you have typed two or more letters, the system searches the telephone directory of the UT for the last name or the email address and displays the results in a drop-down list. You can also fill in email addresses that do not exist in the telephone directory of the UT. You do not need to fill in your email address or that of the budget holder (or the person/people mandated to approve the purchase request). The purchase request is by default sent to the budget holder (and/or to the mandated person/people) for approval and you receive by default a CC once the purchase request is approved.

If you wish you can specify another requester. For example if you are requesting products and/or services for someone else. Once you have changed the requester you automatically become contact person (see part Contact person below). Click on Search requester on the right side of the screen. The following screen is displayed:


 You have to type the last name of the requester in the search box. The system displays the results found. Click on the desired requester. You automatically go back to the purchase request form which is now filled in with the data of the chosen requester.

 Contact person


 If you wish you can specify a contact person. For example in the case you do not know all the data that are required (OFI-nr, price…). If you fill in a contact person the purchase request is sent to this person. This person may edit or complete the purchase request but may not approve (or reject) it (unless the contact person is also approver).


  • This field is optional!
  • Approval by the contact person is required for further processing.
  • Use the CC field if you want to send a copy of the purchase request to somebody. 

Click on Search contact person in order to specify a contact person. You specify a contact person in the same way you change a requester (see part Requester above). 

If you need to remove the contact person fill in your own name in the field Contact person.  


You are requested to specify in the fields above the products and/or services that you want to order. Use for each product or service a new order line. 

  • Description (mandatory field): description of the desired products and/or services. You can give further information about the products or services or refer to a quotation. You can enter up to 1.200 characters.
  • Quantity: number of pieces, packaging… you want to order.
  • Unit: kg, meter, pieces…(is mandatory if Quantity is filled in).
  • Price per unit: in euro and excl. VAT only (field is not mandatory). Important: the system only accepts “ . ” (so do not use “ , “). If the values are expressed in foreign currencies, please mention this in the field Description (do not convert!).
  • Subtotal: this field is automatically filled in on basis of the quantity and price filled in. The total amount of the purchase request is automatically displayed at the bottom of the table. 

You can easily delete an order line by clicking on the cross  next to the subtotal.  

Cost allocation  

In this part of the purchase request form you specify to which OFI-number(s) the costs have to be allocated. There are two ways to fill in an OFI-number:

  • You can directly enter the OFI-number in the field OFI-nr if you already know it.
  • You can use the search function by clicking on the loupe . The following screen is displayed:   

The OFI-numbers of your faculty or service are automatically displayed. You can also search an OFI-number by using the search box: enter the first digits of the OFI-number, part of the description of the OFI-number or the name of the budget holder in charge of the OFI-number. In case the budget holder has mandated other people for the approval of purchase requests (see application FB Mandatories Purchase Requests), all relevant approvers will be displayed. This will take into account the start- and end-dates of the mandate. Example:   

Click on the desired OFI-number. By doing this, you automatically return to the purchase request form, which is now filled in with the OFI-number that has to be used. 

You can use the field Gla (General Ledger Account) to specify to which GL-account the costs have to be charged (optional). 

If the costs have to be allocated to several OFI-numbers, you can give a short explanation about it in the field Remarks. The application will check if the total amount of the purchase request is correctly allocated to the OFI-numbers. If not, the total will be highlighted in red and you will see the following error message appear when you will check the form (button Check):  

You can add an OFI-number by clicking on Add row.  


You can fill in the following fields. However, it is not mandatory.

  • Requested delivery date: date when you would like your order to be delivered (please bear in mind the delivery times of the Logistics department).
  • Supplier
  • Reasons for preferring this supplier: you are required to give an explanation in case the order has to be placed at a supplier with whom the UT does not have any contract.
  • Supplier data: if desired, the address of the supplier… 

You have the possibility to add attachments. You can add one or more attachments by clicking on  Add file. The web application accepts all types of files.  


The field Information/explanation is used for the content of emails. This field appears in email sent by the application: in requests for approval (to the contact person and/or to the approvers) and in the email that is sent to the Procurement department when the purchase request is approved. This field can therefore be used to give further information/explanation about the order (for the approver) or to inform the Procurement department that the order is urgent. You can enter up to 3.000 characters (spaces included).   

Once the purchase request is completed you can perform the following actions:

  • Save draft (button Save Concept)
  • Delete it (button Delete)
  • Send it (see 4. Sending a purchase request)  

Only drafts and rejected purchase requests (because their status is set back to draft when rejected, in order to be edited) can be deleted.

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