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Completing / editing purchase request

From now on, place your order through Proactis

Procurement will stop handling purchase requests (OTA’s) as of 1 August 2021. This application can still be accessed as an archive until 1 January 2022. Make sure you save the documentation you still need somewhere else. From now on, go to to place an order. For more information on the usage of the P2P system, please visit

As contact person you can complete and/or edit a purchase request. If you are also approver (budget holder or mandated person) you can also immediately approve the purchase request.

You receive the request for approval in your Outlook mailbox. The application ( will send you the following email:


 You have to log in in order to view the purchase request. Click on the link under the table. The purchase request form is displayed.

If necessary you can edit the purchase request and then submit it by clicking on Check and then on Approve and send. The purchase request is sent to the budget holder or to the Procurement department (if you are also approver).

You also have the possibility to reject the purchase request (button Reject). In this case the purchase request is sent back to the person who initially filled it in. You are required to explain why you are rejecting the purchase request in the following box (mandatory field):


Rejecting a purchase request can be useful if it has to be cancelled since only purchase requests with the status “Concept” can be deleted.

If you reject the purchase request, it will disappear from the list Incoming purchase requests (that of the contact person as well as that of the approver).

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