Camelot/Veste tenants

Account information
In order to connect to the eduroam Wi-Fi you need to use your university or Saxion account credentials. The username is your full student e-mail address and the appropriate password.

For non UT/Saxion Camelot tenants
If you do not have access to any of these accounts you can request a UT x-account. This is a paid guest account that you can request by e-mail at the Service Desk ICT. The cost of a x-account is 60 euro per year. If you would like to apply for such a guest account we would like to receive for the contract your full name, (private) e-mail address, mobile phone number, building, room number, the estimated duration of your stay, and IBAN details.

Registration of your device
Every device that is directly connected to the Campusnet by a network cable needs to be registered first. The registration of the network equipment is done using the wired/ethernet MAC address of the connected device. Registration can easily be done online in SRN at, which is also available through cable when your device is not registered yet.

Please note that registration is only required for wired connections; if you connect to the wireless network (eduroam), you do not have to register your MAC address. Also, make sure that you register the correct address. A common mistake is that the wireless MAC address is registered.

Best practices with setting up an own router
We would like to point out a few important rules about the configuration of private networks, so everyone is able to use the internet without any problems.

Settings for your own router:

  • Use the WAN port to connect your router to the wall outlet in your room. In most cases, the right socket will have a signal. The LAN ports are for your own devices.
  •  Change the default password of the router and of your own Wi-Fi network.
  • If you do not have any Wi-Fi devices, turn off the Wi-Fi signal of your router.

Configuration of your Wi-Fi:

  • If possible switch off the 2,4GHz signal (only if all your devices support 5GHz).
  • Do not use channel-bonding (neither on the 2,4 or 5GHz channels).
  • For 2,4GHz: only use fixed channels 1, 6, or 11 (do not use auto-channel selection.)
  • For 5GHz: set the bandwidth on 20MHz channels.
  • Lower your signal strength, maximum power is not necessary for your room.

How to register smart devices/consoles (Uthings network)
Not all smart devices and/or consoles can connect to the eduroam Wi-Fi. Unless you’re using your own router it’s important to know that the registration of smart devices and/or consoles requires a different procedure which includes the Uthings Wi-Fi network. You can send an e-mail to the Service Desk ICT at For this request, we would like to receive your name, address, name of the device, and the MAC address of the device.

Contact information:

University of Twente
Service Desk ICT:
Openings hours: work days from 08.00 – 17.30 hrs.
Telephone: +3153 489 5577

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