Generally speaking, you will graduate and get your diploma (certificate) after the presentation of your graduation project. For this, however, a few things have to be arranged first. You can initialize the process by filling out the following (downloadable) forms and submitting them to the Office for Educational Affairs (BOZ-EWI).


Whenever possible fill out the forms electronically and send them or hand in (with the necessary signatures) to BOZ, building Citadel.

and, if necessary:

Furthermore, you need to upload your thesis to University of Twente Theses. In case (part of) your thesis is confidential, carefully read the instructions. After uploading, you yourself, the members of your assessment committee and BOZ (Office for Educational Affairs) will be informed by E-mail.


To evaluate your final project report and your final presentation an Assessment Committee will be formed. The Assessment Committee consists of the members of your Graduation Committee (of which at least two are staff members and which includes your supervisor) and at least one person who was not involved in the supervision. More members are allowed, such as external experts.


  • In determining the date and time of your final presentation, please carefully consult the members of your Assessment Committee; they all should be present at your presentation.
  • You need to inform BOZ in time of your planned presentation by filling out the form "Announcement Final Presentation" (see above). The Office for Educational Affairs will arrange a room for you and will take care of publication.
  • In case you need equipment, please contact the reception desk of the building assigned for your presentation.


  • As soon as you register for the meeting of the Examination Board, the Office for Educational Affairs needs to have your approved study programme.
  • In case you want to change your study-programme, you need to hand in an alteration form as soon as possible. The form will only be accepted if it is signed by master coordinator.
  • Changes in your study programme have to be known at the Office for Educational Affairs at least one month before commencing the Graduation Project.

In general, a student should always have an approved study programme and any changes need to be registered as soon as possible.


[ ] Student

Within 3 months after starting the master, the student needs to have an approved study programme

[ ] Supervisor

Before commencing the Graduation Project check with BOZ that the student has completed all the remaining components of the study programme

[ ] Student

Hand in the form “Description Graduation Project” within a 6 weeks from the start of the Graduation Project.

[ ] Supervisor

Send “Green Light / Graduation consent” to BOZ

[ ] Student

Notify the Examination Board (EC) at least 6 weeks before graduation

[ ] BOZ

Check the study programme and grades

[ ] BOZ

Send grades to student to check

[ ] Student

Plan for presentation

[ ] BOZ

Book a room for the presentation

[ ] EC

Declare student “graduated” (if the conditions are met)

[ ] BOZ

Arrange for the Examination Board (EC) to sign the diploma

[ ] Supervisor

Get diploma from BOZ on the day of the presentation

[ ] Student

Sign diploma after the presentation

[ ] Supervisor

Hand in grade of GP to BOZ

[ ] BOZ

Produce diploma supplement within a month from the presentation

[ ] Student

Pick up the diploma supplement from BOZ

[ ] Group secretary

Close the arrangement between student and group


  • If the supervisor and the chairholder consider the student to be ready for the graduate procedure, they send an e-mail to the office for educational affairs (BOZ) with the graduation consent (“groenlichtverklaring”).
  • This consent is valid for three months.
  • After the consent the student applies to the BOZ to fill out necessary forms.
  • The student arranges a time and date for the presentation not later than one month before the presentation.
  • The application (along with the necessary forms) should be handed in at least one month before the graduation date.
  • The student should plan the presentation in accordance with normal lecture hours.
  • Immediately following the presentation there is a discussion and graduation ceremony. The duration and other rules for presentation, discussion and ceremony depend on the group.
  • At the graduation ceremony, the student receives his/her diploma.
  • If the student did not finish all the courses before the presentation and/or did not file the application in time, then the student will not receive the diploma immediately after the presentation. The student then can collect the diploma after all the courses are completed and the records have been discussed by the board of examiners.

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