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Students from research universities (Dutch and International)

Admission and application for admission

International students and Dutch students from research universities can find admission requirements at the Admission page for Systems & Control. From there you can also start the application process.

Premaster’s programme

When a student cannot admitted directly to the Systems & Control master’s programme, because of prior knowledge problems, sometimes a premaster’s programme can be offered. This will be the case if the admission committee estimates that after such a programme the student will have a good chance for a successful completion of the master’s programme.

A premaster’s programme has a study load of 15EC or 30EC. In most cases a 30EC premaster’s programme will be offered, which will take one semester. In general the programme will be tailor made to fulfil the needs of the individual student. If the admission committee decides to offer a premaster’s programme the student will be informed about this during the admission process.


All master’s and premaster’s courses are taught in English.

Admission to the premaster’s programme

You cannot apply for admission to a premaster’s programme. Instead, you should apply for admission to the master’s programme. As a result of this application the admission committee can decide that a premaster’s programme is a suitable and feasible solution for the lack of prior knowledge of a candidate. Note that not always a premaster’s programme is available for each prior knowledge problem. Note also that a premaster’s programme will not be offered as a compensation for low grades of the candidate during the bachelor’s programme.

Admission to the master’s programme after a premaster’s programme.

The premaster’s programme has been separated formally from the master’s programme. The student will only be admitted to the master’s programme, if all courses of the premaster’s programme have been completed with a sufficient examination result. The full premaster’s programme must have been completed successfully within a year after the start of the programme. If not, the student will be rejected for admission to the master’s programme. Note that you can only start with the master’s programme after you have completed the premaster’s programme and you have been admitted to the master’s programme. This is according to Dutch legislation (“harde knip”).