One of the main instruments of NWO is the Talent Scheme. This is a scheme that offers researcher the opportunity to develop and EXECUTE their own line of research.

The Talent Scheme comprises of three types of grants:

  • The VENI (total grant € 250.000,-) is for researchers who have recently obtained their PhD (you can apply up to 3 years after you finished your PhD).
  • The VIDI (total grant € 800.000,-) is for researchers who have gained several years of research experience after their PhD (you can apply from 3 years up to 8 years after your PhD).
  • The VICI (total grant € 1.500.000,-) is for senior researchers who have demonstrated an ability to develop their own line of research (you can apply from 8 years up to 15 years after your PhD).


Stay up to date at NWO Talent Scheme.

  • VENI 2021: 7 January 2021 for the pre-proposal submission (for domains AES, SSH and ZonMw)
  • VENI 2021: 20 May 2021 the full proposal submission (for domain Science and successfull pre-proposals in other domains)
  • VIDI 2020: 6 October 2020 for the full proposal submission  
  • VICI 2020: 30 April 2020  for the pre-proposal submission
  • VICI 2020: 26 September 2020 for the full proposal submission (only for successful pre-proposals)


The UT offers personalized support and support programs for candidates applying in the Talent Scheme. Please reach out to the Grants Office for more information. 

The Centre for Training & Development offers trainings with external consultants for the Talent Scheme. Please register at CTD for the information sessions for VENI 2021 (29 September 2020) and VIDI 2020 (14 May 2020). These information sessions are the start of the internal support program from the UT Grants Office.

Register here for the VIDI 2020 Information Session from the UT Grants Office.   
Register here for the VENI 2021 Information Session from the UT Grants Office.
Register here for the VENI 2021 Support Program from the UT Grants Office.

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