Upcoming deadlines

ERC-Starting Grant 2020 - estimated deadline Autumn 2019

ERC-Consolidator Grant 2020- estimated deadline early 2020

ERC-Advanced Grant 2019 - deadline 29 August 2019



Every year in Spring, an info session takes place informing on the type of grants, eligibility criteria and evaluation process; complementing this information, a UT ERC grantee shares her/his personal experience during proposal preparation.

Presentation ERC Info session 2019 (March 19)

ERC grants: the rules of the game - ERC National Contact Point Mariëlle Brouwer (RVO


An ERC Masterclass - provided by the Grant support Office and the UT's Centre for Training and Development - is designed to go deep into proposal preparation (including working on research idea and CV), for those committed to applying in the coming ERC calls. Please check out the Centre for Training and Development's website for more information on the Masterclass.

The next ERC Masterclass will take place in May 14, 2019 (9:00-17:00). Registration is required (via CTD website).


UT colleagues preparing an ERC Advanced Grant application have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge about the programme, address specific questions and discuss with ERC experienced colleagues, in a workshop co-organised by the Centre for Training and Development and the Grant support Office. 

The next Workshop ERC Advanced will take place in April 16, 2019 (9:00-12:30). Registration is required (via CTD website).

ERC application preparation flow

UT researchers considering an ERC application can count on professional assistance throughout preparation. Aside from the formal info and training moments (see below), candidates can expect support at different levels of preparation.

Two special points of attention in the preparation timeline: 


It is essential that you discuss your plans for an ERC application as soon as the idea comes to your mind! An important part of the discussion is determining when the best time for the application is; your Faculty and the Grant support Office will support you in the planning, e.g. defining your eligibility window and how to develop your career/ CV in order to be(come) a (more) competitive candidate.


Allow yourself time for finetuning of your proposal, and tap on the support offered by the Faculty and Grant support Office. One month before the call deadline - time for preparation of the "host institution support letter" (mandatory in the application) - you are requested to present a draft of your full proposal. The Faculty and the Grant support office will help addressing any shortcomings of the draft, and complete all necessary adminstrative arrangements.