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ENEA is a public body concerned with research, technology innovation and advanced services in the fields of energy, the environment and sustainable economic development.

ENEA’s core mission is aimed at Italy’s economic, environmental and social sustainability, by searching new technological solutions capable of meeting the complex, economic and environmental global challenges.

Thanks to its role as Advisor to public administration for the achievement of national objectives in the fields of energy and the environment, ENEA acts in close collaboration with the Italian Government, Regions, local administrations and with the national production system.

The Agency is one of Italy’s leading actors in the field of green economy, which ever more often reveals itself as the principal way out of the world economic crisis.

Core concept in ENEA’s vision is that the environmentally-friendly innovation of production systems gives rise to considerable economic and social spinoffs, so crucial to the growth and competitiveness of economic systems.

Along with companies sharing these objectives, the Agency develops cutting-edge technologies which easily find their way in the large-scale market uptake. Companies have at their disposal ENEA’s expertise, laboratories and experimental facilities, often unique in the whole Europe.

ENEA boasts excellence expertise in highly-differing sectors:

  • Solar thermal energy at low and medium temperatures
  • Advanced technologies for energy and industry
  • Hydrogen, fuel cells, and storage systems
  • Energy and environmental modelling
  • Concentrated solar thermal energy
  • Biomass and biofuels
  • Marine environment
  • Energy efficiency
  • Nuclear fission
  • Nuclear fusion
  • Photovoltaics
  • ICT technologies
  • Seismic protection
  • Radiation protection
  • Radiation applications
  • Materials technologies
  • Agroindustrial innovation
  • Environmental technologies
  • Metrology of ionizing radiation
  • Radiation biology and human health
  • Environmental characterization, prevention, and recovery

Offices and Research Centres

The Agency operates through nine Research Centres, five Research Laboratories and a network of Offices located all over Italy. It also has an ENEA-EU Liaison-Office in Brussels.

ENEA headquarters is located in Rome.

ENEA Participates in Important International Research Programmes

ENEA participates in 156 projects under the EU research programmes, counting on 46,5 million-euro EU funding, with partners from European and South-Mediterranean areas and from the rest of the world.

ENEA participates in the following large international networks/initiatives:

  • EERA - European Energy Research Alliance
  • ECRA - European Climate Research Alliance
  • European Energy Network
  • MEDENER - Mediterranean Association of the National Agencies for Energy Conservation
  • TAFTIE - The Association For Technology Implementation in Europe
  • Enterprise Europe Network, the largest service network promoting and supporting SMEs competitiveness and innovation
  • European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials
  • European Innovation Partnership on Water
  • European TTO Circle - European Network of Technology Transfer Offices
  • IGLO - Informal Group of RTD Liaison Offices in Brussels for EU R&D
  • EPBRF - European Platform for Biodiversity Research Strategy.

ENEA is member of many European and Italian Technology Platforms as well as of 9 Italian Technology Alliances, playing its outstanding role in the European Research Area, with particular reference to Innovation.

ENEA collaborates with the major international organizations:

  • IAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency
  • IEA - International Energy Agency
  • OECD - Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development
  • NEA - Nuclear Energy Agency
  • EURATOM - the European Atomic Energy Community
  • NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

ENEA signed agreements with the major European and extra-European partner:

Countries: Albania, Belgium, France, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, EU (JRC) and extra-European partner Countries: Brazil, China, Korea, Egypt, India, Israel, Japan, USA.

According to the 7th FP7 Monitoring Report (March 2015) ENEA is ranked 25th in the Ranking of top 50 Research Organisations in FP7 signed grant agreements in terms of counts of participations for the period 2007-2013.

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ENEAInform@ is the weekly update on the news from the ENEA community, dedicated to all stakeholders on energy, new technologies, the environment and sustainable economic development.

ENEAInform@ reports news, photographs and videos on the Agency’s research and technological innovation activities and all the services it provides companies, public administrations and citizens with.

All contents are subdivided into dedicated sections: short latest news, job and study opportunities, events, videonews, EXPO 2015, international activities, patents, studies and publications.

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