A new call for funding in Horizon 2020 is under preparation by the European Commission. The Green Deal Call represents an extra 1 billion Euro investment, in support to the EU goal of climate neutrality by 2050. Several topics will be of interest to the UT community. 


Green Deal call

Call status [update July 9th]

Under preparation. Terms and conditions to be confirmed by the European Commission, upon call publication.

Call format

Horizon 2020 call (i.e. H2020 rules apply):

  • consortia of at least 3 participants from at least 3 member states or associated countries
  • 11 call areas (see below)
  • mainly Innovation Actions (IA): relatively high Technology Readiness Levels (TRL), usually 3 years duration
  • also Research and Innovation Actions (RIA): can include lower TRLs, usually 4-5 years
  • some Coordination and Support Actions (CSA): set up road maps, networks, etc.

For more information on H2020, the different types of Actions and definitions of TRL, see the here


  • mostly pilot applications, demonstration projects and innovative products
  • projects to “produce tangible results – visible to the citizens – in a relatively short time frame” 

expected timeline [update July 9th]

Call publication September 18th 2020

Call deadline End of January 2021

An overview of the call content in ppt format has been provided by the Finish National Contact Point

For more information and details, please contact the grants office (grants-office@utwente.nl).

up-to-date information on the Green Deal Call areas:

The links below lead to most current EC information. For an overview of all topics, see overview of all topics in ppt format (source Finish National Contact Point network)

The website of the Dutch National Contact Point also provides some information on the Green Deal Call (in Dutch).


September 22-24 EU R&I Days 

Please do not hesitate to contact the SBD-Grants Office if you are preparing a proposal, or for more information or questions:

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