The European Commission has published the Horizon 2020 Work Programme for 2016-17. The new Work Programme reflects the Commission’s new three-fold strategic priorities of Open Innovation, Open Science, and “being Open to the World”. You can read more about these concepts in the General Introduction to the 2016-17 Horizon 2020 Work Programme, and the speech of Commissioner Carlos Moedas at the conference ‘A new start for Europe: Opening up to an ERA of Innovation’ (Brussels, 22 June 2015).

Use the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Programme sections menu to navigate through the information on the specific annexes and themes. And refer to the Participants Portal for direct access to the specific work programmes and calls.

What remains as before…

Baseline aspects will remain in 2016-17: Horizon 2020 continues to aim at fostering research as backbone for innovation, thereby supporting growth and jobs for Europe. It will further continue focusing on tackling the societal challenges Europe faces, for the benefit of achieving better lives for citizens, as well as sustainable and inclusive growth.

… and what changes.

As the Participants Portal will continue to be the gateway for information and participation in 2016-17, there will be a new presentation outline (e.g. all information in one page instead of tabs, increased visibility of type of action), and will tend to include more information (more links to relevant pages, call budget division indication) and improved access (immediate access to submission system). Further changes include page limit of 70, 50 and 10 pages (call specific), and the introduction of a new instrument, European Joint Programme Cofund. Ukraine is also expected to join Horizon 2020 as associated country.

Regarding how to optimize your participation in Horizon 2020, we invite you to read our old notes under “New aspects, tips and tricks for Horizon 2020” and consult a few slides on what changes in 2016-17. And as we get ever more experience from supporting the UT researchers in 2014-15, we certainly have plenty more to share. Just get in touch: we are open to all questions and ready to support you in-depth during proposal preparation.