STW is a foundation that finances applied scientific research. STW is financed by NWO and the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Scientific research financed by STW always concerns innovative research with a potential for utilization. Collaboration with users (companies and public organisations) in the research projects is required.

STW has seven main instruments:

  • De Vernieuwingsimpuls
  • The Open Technology Programme (OTP)
  • High Tech Systems and Materials Call (HTSM call)
  • The Perspectief Programme
  • The Partnership Programme
  • Take Off
  • Demonstrator

The Vernieuwingsimpuls is composed of the Veni, Vidi and Vici grants. For more information: Vernieuwingsimpuls.

The Open Technology Programme is the open or free competition scheme of STW. OTP does not have a deadline. Applications can be submitted throughout the year. Detailed information about OTP and the guidelines for submission can be found on the OTP-website of STW (no English version available).

The High Tech Systems and Materials Call (HTSM call) is a thematic call based on OTP criteria. Proposals need to be approved by the TKI HTSM.

The Perspectief Programme is an instrument that allows consortia of researchers to apply for funding. A perspectief proposal consists of multiple research projects and is obliged to include cash and in-kind cofinancing of industry. Proposals need to be part of one of the topsectoren roadmaps.

The Partnership Programme consists of a thematic call that is initiated by STW and an industrial or societal partner. The latest call is the Partnership STW-Hartstichting.

For support for the Take Off and Demonstrator instruments please contact the Business Development Team of Kennispark.