information session Zonmw 26 October 

fundamental science at Zonmw

Information session

ZonMw is the Dutch organization for health research and health care innovation. ZonMw stimulates the entire innovation cycle through a variety of grant programs. From fundamental research to the implementation of new treatments, preventive interventions or improvements in the structure of healthcare. In selecting grant proposals ZonMw looks at the relevance for practice in combination with quality.

During this afternoon ZonMw staff will explain:

  • How ZonMw works,
  • How grant programs are made at ZonMw,
  • What possibilities there are for technology-oriented, but fundamental projects, within the ZonMw Domain.

It gives you the opportunity to explore if your medical and health related research could be submitted in ZonMw. In sub-sessions there will be room to explore in more detail a number of specific programs (Talent programme, Offroad and Efficiency studies).


All researchers from 4TU are invited to join this online session.

Yes, I want to attent the ZonMw information session on Tuesday 26 October from 15.00 – 16.30