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NWO: Resumption of grants process and new deadlines

From 22 March onwards, NWO is restarting their funding activities. Some deadlines of calls will be moved. Get acquainted with the new deadlines when you are working on a call or if you are part of an evaluation process.

NWO has taken into account all 160 running and 50/60 new initiatives of calls in the past week to restart the system of funding calls and evaluations. The general rule is: 

  • All calls with a deadline before 27 May will be postponed with +/- 5 weeks
  • All calls with a deadline after 27 May will keep there existing deadline. 


There are exceptions to this rule, which are depended on (1) if NWO foresees delays when having to re-schedule evaluation committee meetings, or (2) when calls need to have a close deadline due to for instance: international collaboration. Therefore, it could mean you do have an extension of your deadline even after 27 May or you could have less extension than 5 weeks. 

How to find new deadlines

NWO is working hard to get their website up to date with new deadlines next week and will also publish a call planning in this week. Do keep in mind,  within the call texts themselves, deadlines are not updated. 

Key points

  • Deadlines

    For some calls deadlines are necessary for the coming weeks. Make sure you submit in time for:

    • Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS) 2024 – deadline 30 March
    • Collaboration in Educating Teachers – deadline 30 March
    • School Leaders Innovation and Development Fund (SIOF) – deadline for declaration of intent, 30 March; deadline for detailed applications, 13 April
    • TIMSS and poll survey into knowledge, insight and the skills in arithmetic-mathematics 2023 – deadline for declaration of intent, 30 March; deadline for detailed applications, 16 April
    • Take-off rounds 2021-1 (Feasibility studies TO2, Feasibiliy studies WO, Feasbility studies WO Commit2Data, Early stage routes WO/HBO/TO2) – deadline 8 April
    • RAAK-MKB, round 14 – deadline 13 April
    • Take-off HBO – deadline 13 April
    • SPRONG 2020, phase 1 – deadline 15 April
    • Onderwijsachterstandenbeleid in de school – deadline 16 April
  • Admissibility

    NWO was in the middle of admissibility checks for four calls and will resume them; be aware that you could be asked, when errors are found, to adapt your proposal within 24 hours. This is relevant for:

    • KIC E&D: Circularity
    • RAAK Impuls 2020
    • TOP-UP, submission round February 2021
    • Open Technology Programme, jury 2020-6
  • Rebuttal

    For six instruments, you will be asked to submit your rebuttal or respond next week. Those who already submitted a rebuttal before the hack occurred will also be allowed to change and resubmit their rebuttal. Giving you the opportunity equal to colleagues, who did not yet submit a rebuttal and will be asked to do so now. You will be contacted on the 22 March in these rounds and are asked to submit again on 29 March! 

    The rounds concerned are:

    • DeepNL Call 2a, Science domain (ENW)
    • SSH Vidi 2020, Social Sciences and Humanities domain (SSH)
    • Hestia, Social Sciences and Humanities domain (SSH)
    • Praktijkgericht onderzoek maatregelen COVID-19, SIA
    • Praktijkgericht onderzoek voor Extramurale Zorg, SIA
    • RAAK-public submission rounds, June and November 2020, SIA

Personal Grants

  • Rubicon

    The fall deadline of Rubicon will merge into the December deadline. Please keep an eye on the website for eligibility (those admissible in October but not in December will not be rejected for December).

  • Veni

    Pre-submission procedures for AES and SSH domains will be completed by the end of May. Due to this the deadline for the full proposal will move to September 2021. This deadline is also valid for ZonMw.

  • Vidi

    Interviews of the current Vidi round will be rescheduled to May/June.

  • Vici

    The pre-proposal deadline is included in the 'before 27 May' category. Meaning there will be a delay. The current round of the Vici and decisions there will be given by the end of April.  

More information 

For more information see the website of NWO. If you have questions, please contact SBD-Grants Office via