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Start Vidi Support 2020

The Grants Office assists you in your pursuit for a Vidi grant and starts this spring with their Support for anyone interested in submitting in 2020.

The Vidi grant is an instrument of the Talent Line of NWO. Main features are: 

  • Individual grant to start your own group.
  • For talented researchers with an innovative research idea and a competitive CV,
  • who have finished their PhD (max. 8 years on 1 October 2020, extensions may apply).
  • Requires an ‘embedding guarantee’. 

The kick-off of the support programme is an online introduction session about the Vidi grant. This introduction session is for everyone who is interested to know more about the instrument. In this session, participants will receive strategic and practical input for developing a competitive Vidi project and writing a convincing proposal, increasing their chances to receive this prestigious grant. Examples, tips & tricks and best practices will be presented. Moreover, the further support programme of the Grants Office will be explained.

The online session will be split over three days, to allow you some time in between to prepare home assignments.

14, 18 and 25 May from 10:00-12:00 h  (one session but divided over three days)

All researchers with PhD dates between 1 October 2012 and 1 October 2016 who aspire a personal Vidi grant (extensions may apply depending on personal circumstances).

please go to this CTD webpage to subscribe:

If you wish to pursue a Vidi grant but are not able to attend the introduction session, please contact the Grants Office ( to be included in communication on the Vidi support programme.

Also, if you are interested in pursuing a Vidi, but perhaps want to start writing next year, please feel free to join the introduction training, as it could provide you with a good overview on what you will need to build to become competitive in a such an individual grant.