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NWO/ZonMw outlines Second Wave Support

NWO/ZonMw has outlined the second wave support for the COVID-19 actions. This second wave will consist of short and long term effects on solving the COVID-19 outbreak.

NWO/ZonMw released some more details

The Second Wave program will consist of three major areas:

  1. Predictive diagnostics and treatment
  2. Care and prevention, including transmission
  3. Societal consequences of the coronavirus crisis and the measures to prevent these

Currently, an expert panel is being formed for each focus area, made up of various experts from the field. These panels will contain scientific experts and experts from everyday practice. The panels will have the task of prioritising research subjects (or themes) within their focus area.

ZonMw will make grants on three different tracks

  1. The ultrafast track, for example, will make funding available for questions that need to be tackled very urgently, also because the answers are needed for the control measures in this phase of the pandemic. For this track, invited proposals will be submitted as soon as possible.
  2. The second track is thematic, bottom-up funding rounds for research proposals.
  3. The third track is the so-called 'policy and practice boosts' and is aimed at small projects and studies. This track is aimed at the (fast and brief) tackling of concrete policy questions and providing practice boosts.

The call and opening of the programme are expected end of April/ beginning of May. The previous NWO fast-track call was closed within 5 days of opening due to high demand! We would advise you to take action as soon as the call text becomes available, especially if you are interested in submitting in the Ultra-fast track for urgent questions.  


As UT Grants Office, we are here to support your funding acquisition efforts. We would be happy to read your proposal on short notice.

Please contact if you have an intent to submit a proposal to the Second Wave of NWO.

More information on funding

For more types of funding for COVID-19 related research, visit our funding page for COVID-19. Here you will find an up-to-date overview of the funding possibilities open for Dutch researchers/companies.