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NWO and ZonMw provide funding opportunities for COVID-19 outbreak

The Dutch government is providing funds to assist research on the coronavirus. Several options are currently open or being explored.

Update 1-4-2020

Direct and urgent research on corona

Funds from ZonMw (1M) Ministry of Health (4M) and NWO (1.5M) will be reserved for focused and urgent research to fight the COVID-19 Pandemic. How this money will be used has yet to be worked out.

Creative Solutions from companies and organizations

There is currently a shortage of materials in hospitals and we are in need of practical solutions (in and outside the hospital) to cope with the pandemic. If your organisation or company has a creative solution you could ask for the possible funding of 7.5K or 15K to help you set this up. For this entire arrangement, ZonMw has reserved a total budget of 500K. Check out the website with all rules and regulations (only in Dutch).

NWO-ZonMw fund on research corona

NWO and ZonMw together have 20 million for research on the coronavirus. How NWO together with ZonMw is going to use the funds will be announced soon.

NWO research on non-medical research

NWO will also set aside 1.5 million on research aiming to learn from the still-unfolding crisis. It concerns research that necessitates the collection of data or research for which real-time data gathering will strongly contribute to the quality of the ongoing research, adapted to the actual crisis.

NWO and ZonMw are expected to supply more information on all these funding schemes by the end of this week or early next week.

More information

Please reach out the UT Grants Office ( for any support or information.