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HORIZON EUROPE Upcoming funding programme approaching

Horizon Europe, the new European funding programme for research and innovation (R&I) will start in 2021. As terms and conditions get clearer, the UT community is getting ready. 

Horizon Europe will succeed the current programme Horizon 2020, and run for the next seven years. While bearing similarities with its predecessor, Horizon Europe will carry important changes underscoring the current EU priorities. Publication of the first calls for proposals is expected for April 2021.  

In the vision of the European Commission, Horizon Europe will be “the most ambitious R&I programme ever that will keep the European Union at the forefront of global research and innovation”. The latest budget agreement offers some improvement for participants, including European universities: Horizon Europe is now set to receive 84,9 Billion Euros, a four Billion Euros increase compared to the latest negotiations from July. Now pending is the final budget formal approval. 

SBD-Grants Office support

Given the importance of this funding source, the SBD-Grants Office has set in motion a series of activities in preparation of researchers and research support staff. This includes events organised centrally and in Faculties, for example to explore expected calls of interest and deepen understanding of project implementation.  

Horizon Europe UT launch event

To introduce Horizon Europe formally and broadly to the community, an online event took place on 2 December 2020, for a first insight to the programme highlighting main funding lines, novelties and the keys to success. We were honoured to confirm Stijn Delauré (European Commission DG RTD, Policy Officer Academic Research and Innovation) and Saske Hoving (RVO) as speakers in this Horizon Europe UT launch event. UT researchers Angelika Mader, Norman Kerle and Stefano Stramigioli contributed to a panel discussion with their experiences participating in EU funding related activities. 

Curious? You can watch the Horizon Europe UT launch event here

SBD-Grants Office Support Hub - Horizon Europe Channel

During the Horizon Europe launch event, we officially opened the channel "Horizon Europe"(HEU) on the "SBD-Grants Office Support Hub" MSTeams. This platform facilitates sharing of information and promotes the possibility for exchanges amongst interested community. You can join this team using the code: 0x59ec4

More information

For more information on the Horizon Europe launch event and European funding in general, please contact SBD-Grants Office via