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Have your say on EOSC and FAIR Data Highlights from EOSC Summit 2018 and stakeholder consultations

On 11 June 2018, the High Level Expert Group on the European Open Science Cloud and the FAIR Data Expert Group organised together with the European Commission the second meeting of stakeholders - EOSC Summit 2018.

On this occasion, the two groups disclosed a set of recommendations on Prompting an EOSC in practice and Turning FAIR Data into Reality.

Moreover, stakeholder consultations on two key aspects for the EOSC governance were launched:

Participants can provide their input publishing or commenting posts, agreeing or disagreeing with principles & recommendations. Both consultations will be closed on August 5th, 2018.

All materials from the EOSC Summit 2018 are available on the European Commission's website.


The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) is an initiative of the European Commission aiming at creating a trusted environment for hosting and processing research data to support EU science.

In the spring of 2018, the Commission presented a roadmap as a contribution to the discussion for the development of the EOSC. Ministers also expressed their support for the EOSC in Council conclusions. Results of the stakeholder consultations will be presented at the Austrian Presidency Event Launch of the EOSC Governance Structure, in November 2018. 

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