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NWO call for Dutch national Research Agenda

NWO has initiated a special funding instrument on 24 May as part of the Dutch National Research Agenda (NWA). For the NWA research program, 52.2 million euros have been reserved for the first financing round in 2018. In the call, consortia are invited to submit proposals. The UT's multidisciplinary and societally-driven research is very suited for this call.

About the call

The NWA instrument will cover all disciplines and is aimed at the entire chain of fundamental, applied and practice-oriented research. By investing in innovative and socially relevant research through the 25 routes of the Dutch National Research Agenda, knowledge can be developed for scientific breakthroughs and for societal challenges.

More information about the call is available on the NWO website.

Proposal submission and additional information

UT researchers have already participated in the design of the routes and the Start Impulse for the NWA. Researchers who are interested in submitting a consortium proposal, or participating in a proposal, can contact Arend Zomer (, grants advisor for national funding for the UT Strategic Business Development office, for questions. In addition to questions about the procedures of the call, he can also refer you to researchers who are already involved in one of the NWA routes.