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Course Getting ready for your first indidvidual research grant

Thorough understanding of the basic principles for writing (international) competitive individual proposals.


  • This workshop prepares you (young researchers @ PhD/post doc level) to become competitive candidates for prestigious individual national and European research grants. 
  • The workshop starts with a brief overview of the main European and Dutch research schemes with particular attention for individual grant schemes for young post-docs, such as Marie Curie Individual Fellowships, VENI and Rubicon,  including the evaluation process.  
  • Next focus will be on your CVs. What are important ingredients of your CV and what are the evaluation criteria of the above mentioned funding schemes related to the applicant of an individual research proposal? Does your CV fulfil these criteria yet, and what is still missing? 

The second half of the workshop is dedicated to assess the evaluation criteria of these funding schemes as well the so-called “hidden criteria”, which are used to assess the quality of the research project and its structure. The workshop will be concluded with an individual assignment to define a personal action plan for each participant.

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