Connecting Industry

The University of Twente is committed to further expand its strategic partnerships with external organizations (industry, hospital, government, NGO) in the coming years, in order to create more impact and related revenue streams. To that end, the UT is investing in university-wide scientific research programs with strong, concrete industrial interest that intersects with the research topics in which the university excels, such as Medical Technology, Advanced Manufacturing and Nano/Photonics.

The Executive Board of the university is  issuing a new call for proposals based on the funds available from the Topsector HTSM. The goal of this call is to develop or realize a strong relationship with external partners.

The new Connecting Industry Call is open.  Some conditions are:

• Deadline for submission is 21 May, 2019.

• Proposals are formally submitted to SBD by your institute’s Scientific Director, or through your Dean in the Internal Review Board.

• All kinds of research positions are acceptable (e.g., PhD, PostDoc, Research Engineer)

• The Cash contribution for fundamental research from external partners is set to at least 120k for PhD researchproject and 50k a year for a Postdoc research

• RVO rates apply

Please let us know if you are planning to submit a proposal in this call; contact