There are some pre-build searches available for workgroups on an institute level.

If you are looking for easy access and an broad overview of available funding by research theme, you can join one of these groups:

  • Biomedical Engineering and Technical Medicine (MIRA)
  • Nanotechnology (MESA+)
  • Information and Communication Technology (CTIT)
  • Governance and Behavioural Sciences (IGS)
  • Geo-information Science and Earth Observation (ITC)

Customized workgroups for your own research group or research orientation

Departmental administrators can be set up with administrator/editing rights, giving you access to set up accounts, add annotations to opportunities and set up groups/searches as necessary, please contact one of the UT administrators if you wish to change your subscription level to allow you to do this. A useful Administrator Quick Start Guide is available.

Examples of customized workgroup searches

In the future, examples of customized searches and workgroups will appear here.