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The EU-Office provides central support for many aspects of applying for European and International funding. The scheme below gives an overview of our (support) activities; click on the images for detailed information. If you are looking for other types of grant support (see overview of funding opportunities), you can contact the EU-Office for information on your best contact point.

Make your own funding strategy with us, based on analyses of policies, stakeholders and existing projects.

We help you identify a funding opportunity for your ideas.

We support you in the process of writing and submitting the project.

We assist in negotiations, but also provide alternatives for rejected projects.

You can contact the EU-office regarding questions on management of your running projects.


Being well informed and ready to act is a great advantage in fund raising. Per definition, the EU-Office is the principal informant and mediator on European Union policies and funding opportunities at the University of Twente. We provide insight in the EU programmes for research and innovation (Horizon 2020) and education (Erasmus for All).

The EU-Office works with you to establish a funding strategy and assists in relevant analyses of policies, stakeholders and consortia.

Link idea to opportunity

Identifying the right funding opportunity for your research idea is not always an easy task. The EU Office guides you through this process: after discussing your idea (helping to define research needs, objectives and evaluate sustainability), we provide comprehensive information on the current funding opportunities suitable to your case. The EU Office also helps you setting up your tailor-made funding search using Research Professional.


Developing your research idea into a strong proposal can be a difficult process, especially as most calls have very specific requirements for proposal writing and submission. This often painful process is made easier with the EU office's help. Among others, the office helps on:

  • project design: definition of objectives, identification of required partners, activity planning (work-packages/ schedules)
    consortium building: identification and contact, definition of responsibilities (division of work/ coordination)
  • proposal writing: appropriate format, editing and quality evaluation
  • submission: administration, budget, final submission step

For some of these activities we closely collaborate with other support structures. We offer training sessions for successful grant writing (general, ERC) together with the Career Development Centre. Budgets are normally made by the responsible person in your Faculty and we can assist in putting together a sound budget. Legal and Intellectual Property issues are normally covered together with the legal advisors from Kennispark.


Whether your proposal receives a favorable evaluation or not, the outcome of your submission always entails further work. The EU Office plays a crucial role on this follow-up process. Specifically, the Office helps you through the negotiations and start of the project, but also provides assistance in case of a new submission.

project management

The EU-Office is your first point of contact if you have questions regarding management of your project. These questions often occur during reporting periods and when unusual situations arise. We guide you through the rules and regulations of the granting agency to help you with your questions. The EU-Office does not have capacity for project management, so our services are limited to advice.