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Why a Grand Societal Challenge?

A modern, economically competitive society faces the urgency for an efficient and environment-friendly transport network. The achievement of a green, integrated and thereby competitive transport system must lead the challenges for upcoming transport research and innovation activities. Solutions are needed for resource efficient transport respecting the environment; as mobility increases, less congestion and more safety and security are also required.

Specific activities outlined

  • Resource efficient transport that respects the environment
    • Making aircraft, vehicles and vessels cleaner and quieter will improve environmental performance and reduce perceived noise and vibration
    • Developing smart equipment, infrastructures and services
    • Improving transport and mobility in urban areas
  • Better mobility, less congestion, more safety and security
    • A substantial reduction of traffic congestion
    • Substantial improvements in the mobility of people and freight
    • Developing and applying new concepts of freight transport and logistics
    • Reducing accident rates and fatal casualties and improving security
  • Global leadership for the European transport industry
    • Developing the next generation of transport means as the way to secure market share in the future
    • On board, smart control systems
    • Advanced production processes
    • Exploring entirely new transport concepts
  • Socio-economic research and forward looking activities for policy making
  • Specific implementation aspects.

Documents and Materials

  • the European Commission’s communication on the challenge
  • reports on the (advisory/ consultation) workshops on the Horizon 2020 Common Strategic Framework

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