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Why Grand Societal Challenges?

The opportunities and risks associated with “a more united Europe” need to be understood and anticipated if Europe is to evolve adequate solidarity and cooperation at social, economic, political and cultural levels. To ensure inclusive societies, Europe will have to enhance social, economic and political inclusion; to create innovative societies, R&I policies impacts/ efficiency, as well as transnational policy synergies/ coherence, will have to be optimized; to safeguard reflective societies, the understanding of Europe’s heritage, traditions and identities will have to be fostered.

Specific activities outlined

Inclusive societies

  • Promoting smart, sustainable and inclusive growth
  • Building resilient and inclusive societies in Europe
  • Strengthening Europe’s role as a global actor
  • Closing the research and innovation divide in Europe

Innovative societies

  • Strengthening the evidence base and support for the Innovation Union and European Research Area
  • Exploring new forms of innovation, including social innovation and creativity
  • Ensuring societal engagement in research and innovation
  • Promoting coherent and effective cooperation with third countries

Reflective societies

  • Study European heritage, memory, identity, integration and cultural interaction and translation, including its representations in cultural and scientific collections, archives and museums, to better inform and understand the present by richer interpretations of the past
  • Research into European countries’ and regions’ history, literature, art, philosophy and religions and how these have informed contemporary European diversity
  • Research on Europe’s role in the world, on the mutual influence and ties between the world regions, and a view from outside European cultures.

Documents and Materials

  • the European Commission’s communication on the earlier challenge 6 (Inclusive, innovative and secure societies)
  • advisory/ consultation workshops on the Horizon 2020 Common Strategic Framework (common report)

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