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Why a Grand Societal Challenge?

The promotion of wellbeing and prevention of disease are basic prerequisites for securing society’s welfare. The good health of citizens further underwrites the strengthening of a competitive industry scene and the development of new market opportunities.

With the increasing burden of disease and disability in the context of an aging population, health and care sectors are increasingly under pressure. Much in Europe depends on the resolution of this challenge.

The understanding of the determinants of health, as well as the development of effective preventive tools and screening programmes have been set as crucial action points for Europe 2020.

Specific activities outlined

  • Understanding the determinants of health, improving health promotion and disease prevention
  • Developing effective screening programmes and improving the assessment of disease susceptibility
  • Improving surveillance and preparedness
  • Understanding disease
  • Developing better preventive vaccines
  • Improving diagnosis
  • Using in-silico medicine for improving disease management and prediction
  • Treating disease
  • Transferring knowledge to clinical practice and scalable innovation actions
  • Better use of health data
  • Improving scientific tools and methods to support policy making and regulatory needs
  • Active ageing, independent and assisted living
  • Individual empowerment for self-management of health
  • Promoting integrated care
  • Optimising the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare systems and reducing inequalities through evidence based decision making and dissemination of best practice, and innovative technologies and approaches
  • Specific implementation actions.

Documents and Materials

  • the European Commission’s communication on the challenge
  • reports on the (advisory/ consultation) workshops on the Horizon 2020 Common Strategic Framework

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