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Why a Grand Societal Challenge?

The patterns of energy provision and consumption in all sectors in society – from industries to transportation, buildings and cities – is currently unsustainable and prone to negatively impact on environment and climate. Energy efficiency is therefore of vital importance in leading, world-wide competitive societies. The real task is to promote and develop cost effective ways to reduce energy demand, thus enhancing security of energy supply, lowering the impact on environment and climate and enhancing competitiveness. In this context, reducing energy consumption and eliminating energy waste, while providing all services society and economy need, is one of the main challenges set for Europe.

Specific activities outlined

  • Reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint through smart and sustainable usage
    • Bring to mass market technologies and services for a smart and efficient energy use
    • Unlock the potential of efficient and renewable heating-cooling systems
    • Foster European Smart cities and Communities
  • Low-cost, low-carbon electricity supply
    • Develop the full potential of wind energy
    • Develop efficient, reliable and cost-competitive solar energy systems
    • Develop competitive and environmentally safe technologies for CO2 capture, transport and storage
    • Develop geothermal, hydro, marine and other renewable energy options
  • Alternative fuels and mobile energy sources
    • Make bio-energy competitive and sustainable
    • Reducing time to market for hydrogen and fuel cells technologies
    • New alternative fuels
  • A single, smart European electricity grid
  • New knowledge and technologies
  • Robust decision making and public engagement
  • Market uptake of energy innovation, empowering markets and consumers
  • Specific implementation aspects.

Documents and Materials

  • the European Commission’s communication on the challenge
  • reports on the (advisory/ consultation) workshops on the Horizon 2020 Common Strategic Framework

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