Work Programmes Horizon 2020

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The time has come: the first Horizon 2020 Work Programme (2014-2015, 15 billion euros) is now officially published. With a budget of nearly EUR 80 billion for 2014-2020, Horizon 2020 will be the European funding programme for research and innovation. Today, the R&I topics for the 64 calls opening in 2014 and more in 2015 were made public by the European Commission. You can approach the EU-Office for more information or support in preparing your application and you can find more information in the attached document.

Horizon 2020 aims to foster research ideas as the backbone for innovation, thereby supporting growth and jobs for Europe. It breaks from the past by bringing together all existing support for R&I, including all innovation-related activities into one single funding programme.

Horizon 2020 brings novel aspects relative to the past European funding programmes. In essence, it demands more innovation, allowing innovative projects to be supported from the laboratory to commercial exploitation. Importantly, it focuses on tackling societal challenges Europe has to face in order to achieve better lives for its citizens, as well as its goals of sustainable and inclusive growth.

Core to the novelties of Horizon 2020 is also simplification of the participation process. With a single set of rules, less paperwork and faster funding, it simplifies access for all companies, universities and institutes in EU and beyond. A new Participants Portal has also now been prepared to facilitate and optimize participation.

Regarding what’s new in Horizon 2020 and how to optimize your participation, we would like to invite you to read our notes under “New aspects, tips and tricks for Horizon 2020”.

The EU-Office will continue to help the UT researchers in preparing for Horizon 2020. We are open to all questions and ready to support in proposal preparation. Just get in touch.

Underneath the diagram below, you will find the links to the final Horizon 2020 Work Programme. For all documents related to Horizon 2020 visit the new Participants Portal, specifically its Reference Documents section.

General Introduction to the Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2014-2015

Marie-Skłodowska-Curie actions
Research infrastructure
ERC WP 2014

Introduction to LEIT
Access to risk finance
Innovation in SME

WP health
WP food security
WP energy
WP transport
WP climate action
WP inclusive societies
WP secure societies

Horizontal work programmes

Spreading excellence and widening participation
Science with and for society

Other documents

Communication and dissemination
WP COSME (not yet available)