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The Key Action Cooperation comprises 26% of the total budget of Erasmus+. It covers several opportunities for universities:

  • Strategic Partnerships support innovative approaches in education, aiming to strengthen transnational cooperation between universities and other actors (average 5 participants per partnership). Partnerships involving regional and local authorities and linking cross-sectoral partners will be encouraged. Typical projects are between 50.000 and 450.000 euros for up to 3 years and proposals can be submitted to the annual Call for Proposals administered by our National Agency, Nuffic.
  • Knowledge alliances aim at modernization of universities and enhancing quality and innovation. Knowledge Alliances always involve universities as well as the public sector. Typical projects are between 300.000 and 1.000.000 euros for up to 3 years (average 10 partners). Proposals can be submitted to the annual Call for Proposals administered by the Executive Agency (EACEA, Brussels).
  • IT Platforms will respond to the greater role that IT support platforms play in education, delivering peer learning and exchange of good practices. This includes open educational resources, e-courses and virtual mobility. IT Platforms are open for participation by institutions from neighbourhood countries.
  • Capacity Building includes international cooperation and includes the Erasmus Mundus Partnerships (former External Cooperation Windows) and Tempus programmes. It aims at improving quality, relevance and governance of higher education and includes support to neighbourhood countries, Asia, Latin America and ACP countries and will closely link to staff mobility.