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Update on budget negotiations and Horizon 2020

The final conditions and budgets for European programmes are in their final phase of decision-making: the trilogues between the European Commission, the European Parliament and the European Council. The most recent sessions have led to general consensus on many issues and the final results are now expected before the end of June.

-The Multiannual Financial Framework (the European budget 2014-2020) seems to be set at 960 billion euros. Reliable sources confirm that Horizon 2020 will have a share of 70.2 billion euros. In addition, a general clause has been agreed to include financial flexibility: if a particular programme does not spend its annual budget, the remaining funds may be transferred to other programmes. This is probably advantageous for Horizon 2020, opening up the possibility of increased budget over the years. Reimer Böge, participating in the discussions on behalf of the European Parliament resigned immediately after the deal was closed, which may indicate that it will be rejected by the European Parliament.

-Horizon 2020 trilogues have led to the abandonment of Full Cost as a method to calculate budgets. Instead, budgets will be based on 100% of the direct costs plus 25% of that for indirect costs. For the University of Twente this will mean less coverage of the project costs.

-Horizon 2020 will include an activity “widening participation”, which will aim at building excellence in countries such as the new member states.

-Erasmus for All, the proposed programme for education, youth and sports will be renamed as ErasmusPlus.

The EU-Office continues to follow the developments concerning the new programmes and will keep you up-to-date through this website and our Twitter account @UT_EU_Office.

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