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Europe 2020: The global policy

Europe 2020: the global policy

Europe 2020 is the European Union’s current growth strategy. It was set to address the inadequacies of the EU’s growth model, setting priorities to help creating a smarter, more sustainable and more inclusive Europe.

The rendition of these objectives has taken shape as five key targets, to be achieved by the EU until the end of the decade. These cover:

  • employment
  • education
  • research and innovation
  • social inclusion and poverty reduction
  • climate/ energy

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The framework

1. Flagship Initiatives

The approach for making Europe 2020 a reality includes seven flagship initiatives. These provide the direct guidelines and framework through which the EU and the national authorities jointly strengthen efforts in areas supporting the Europe 2020 priorities. These initiatives are:

Smart growth

  • Digital agenda for Europe – the EU's strategy to help digital technologies to deliver sustainable economic growth.
  • Innovation Union – the EU instrument to improve conditions and access to finance for research and innovation in Europe.
  • Youth on the move – the policy initiatives package on education and employment for young people.

Sustainable growth

Inclusive growth

2. The European Research Area (ERA)

The European Research Area is a global term for a European policy area that spans all aspects of research. For example: strengthening cross-border links, creating an open market for research(ers), gender equality and open access to research publications and data. All project proposals are asked to describe how they will contribute to the creation of a single European research Area.

3. The SET-plan

To accomplish Europe 2020’s energy/ climate target, a special strategic plan has been devised. The SET-Plan aims at fulfilling the European targets for cutting CO2 emissions, through the development and application of high-performance and low-carbon technologies. It comprises measures for efficient planning, implementation and resource management, in the context of international cooperation in the field of energy technology. The SET-plan is put into action through European Industrial Initiatives, in large scale technology development projects between academia, research and industry.

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