ETPs are industry-led forums for the definition and development of research priorities and action plans on key areas, towards enhancement of European competitiveness.

Taking into account their achievements under FP7, ETPs continue to be one of the important sources of advice to the European Commission in its priority-setting for Horizon 2020, in particular for issues with high industrial relevance.

ETPs by research area

Cross-ETPs initiatives:

  • NANOfutures – a multi-sectorial, integrating platform aiming at connecting and establishing cooperation/ representation of ETPs that require nanotechnologies.
  • BECOTEPS – a joint effort towards better coordination and focus on key issues of common interest to all players in the Knowledge-Based Bio-Economy (KBBE) sector.
  • EURATEX – networking/ road-mapping and joint implementation actions in the sector of design-based consumer goods (European Consumer Goods Research Initiative).
  • SusChem-WssTP – partnership between the ETPs SusChem and WSSTP to set up a roadmap and high level cooperation towards more sustainable water use.