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---- Work Programme 2016-2017 ----

link to draft Work Programmes under diagram below

The first Horizon 2020 Work Programme (2014-15) comes to an end, it is now time to prepare for the upcoming funding period of 2016-17. Refer to the diagram below, for a first insight on the draft Work Programmes, in preparation for the official final WP 2016-17. These are working documents – and thereby confidential – prepared by the various EC Programme Committees, in charge of collecting feedback from expert groups around all Member States.

Underneath the diagram below, you will find the links to the available draft Horizon 2020 Work Programmes for 2016-17. We have analyzed these documents and compiled the forecasted deadlines for the 2016-17 calls in an easy-to-browse Excel spreadsheet. Stay tuned here, for the latest updates.

tentative deadlines 2016-17 calls
[Excel spreadsheet]

updates EU-Office

2015-08-03 ICT and NMBP Work Programmes (WP)

2015-08-04 Cross-cutting Activities WP

2015-08-05 Secure Societies Challenge WP

2015-08-07 Health Challenge WP


Excellent Science

Industrial Leadership

Grand Societal Challenges

Horizon 2020 Strategic Programming Document 2016-17


WP LEIT ICT (18/02)

WP Health (23/4)

WP Health (23/4) with track changes to old version

Marie-Skłodowska-Curie Actions

WP LEIT ICT (30/04)

WP Health (6/08)

Research Infrastructure (23/4)

WP LEIT ICT (23/07)

WP Food security (23/04)

ERC 2016 (official – 28/07)

NMBP (version 1)

WP Food security (8/07)

NMBP (version 2)

WP Energy (27/02)

NMBP (version 3.5, 16/07)

WP Energy (15/06)


WP Energy (8/07)

Access to Risk Finance

WP Transport

Innovation in SME

WP Climate action (23/4)

WP Climate action (8/07)

WP Inclusive Societies

WP Secure Societies (version 2)

WP Secure Societies (version 3, 8/07)

Horizontal Work Programmes

Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation (2/07)
Science with and for Society

 other documents

Other Actions
Cross-cutting activities (8/07)
Cross-cutting activities (version 3.5, 16/07)

update EU-Office 06-08-2015

What remains as before

Baseline aspects will remain in 2016-17: Horizon 2020 continues to aim at fostering research as backbone for innovation, thereby supporting growth and jobs for Europe. It will further continue focusing on tackling the societal challenges Europe faces, for the benefit of achieving better lives for citizens, as well as sustainable and inclusive growth.

The Participants Portal will also continue to be the gateway for information and participation in 2016-17. Regarding Horizon 2020 and how to optimize your participation, we would like to invite you to read our old notes under “New aspects, tips and tricks for Horizon 2020”… And as we get ever more experience from supporting the UT researchers in 2014-15, we certainly have plenty more to share. Just get in touch: we are open to all questions and ready to support you in-depth during proposal preparation.