What we do

Twente Safety and Security

The Centre for Risk Management, Safety and Security is program leader of the program on social safety and self-efficacy within Twente Safety and Security (TS&S). TS&S is a regional consortium of municipalities, the Twente Safety Region (with police and fire brigade), several companies, the Applied University of Technology Saxion, and the University of Twente. Twente Safety and Security, has three pillars: Safe Cities; Smart Safety; and Social safety and Self-efficacy. It intends to create innovations that contribute to safety and security; both at regional and national level.

Twente Safety and Security (TS&S), the Centre for Risk Management, Safety and Security, and the Centre for Telematics and Information Technology of the University of Twente are represented in the Advisory Board of the Hague Security Delta, one of the largest European Security Clusters with participation of the public sector (ministries, municipalities, emergency services); private sector (small, medium and large companies) and knowledge institutes (applied universities and universities).